What have your hobbies taught you?

It’s said that hobbies are healthy.  I can remember hearing about to local dry cleaner where I lived once who worked hard and saved all his life.  He retired and had plans to travel with his wife with their savings.  The day after he retired he died.

Some of us have too many hobbies.  I’ve had some hobbies I used to enjoy and was considered skilled at such as plastic model building, a skill learned from my dad.  I made dioramas and competed in national events.  That would be an attention to detail if you were listing hobbies as resume skills.  I also learned to see a project through.  I sold a few dioramas as well.  Taking an idea or out-of-the-box template and creating a winning business with imagination sound familiar?

I grew up in the old car hobby.  I can work on older vehicles and know quite a bit about identifing different makes, models, and years.  The specs, how driving an older vehicles from the 1940’s through 1960’s differs quite a bit from today or even 20 years ago.  Taking tried and true classics in any condition and make them fit in today’s world can translate into a variety of business situations.  You have been using the same management style you learned in school and it’s not working?  Time to update it.

I enjoy genealogy and history.  We learn a lot from where we’ve been to be able to understand the imporance of moving forward even in directions that we couldn’t imagine 5 or 10 years ago.

I collect a wide range of ‘junk’ to some even though I’m a minimalist at heart.  I’m always evolving in this aspect the way we all must evolve to be successful in our personal lives or business ventures.

Lastly, I volunteer and spread the message that we all have something to give and should give something of ourselves.  There is nothing better for your soul or your ability to look at any situation more openly than to volunteer with something you feel passionately about.  If you’re not passionate, then it won’t mean nearly as much.  We must be open minded and open to new ideas to be successful in any business venture.

I’m interested in what your hobbies have taught you?  Email me or leave a comment.


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